Our Innovative Models Work &
We Have the Data to Prove It

As the nation’s leading expert in youth financial capability, MyPath designs, tests, and scales youth financial capability interventions in partnership with youth and works with leading researchers from across the country to measure their impact.

University of California San Francisco · Oregon Health and Sciences University · University of Georgia · Eastern Washington University · Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s Center for Community Development Investments · University of Michigan · University of Missouri St. Louis · University of Nevada at Reno · Washington University in St. Louis

We leverage our data to advocate for policies that unlock opportunities for BIPOC youth from under-resourced communities.

MyPath Savings  

  • 85% of participants open savings & checking accounts
  • 75% meet their personal savings goal
  • On average, participants save 27% of each paycheck

MyPath Credit

  • Those without credit establish a 650 – 700 point FICO score within 6 months
  • 85% of participants improve their credit
  • Those with damaged credit improve their score by 30+ points after 6 months

MyPath Financial Mentoring 

  • 100% of mentees establish emergency funds
  • 83% of mentees are more confident about managing money and credit
  • 64% of mentees have a post-mentoring credit score of “excellent, very good, or good” 

2022 National Impact