Leadership & Staff

Margaret Libby – Founder & Chief Executive Officer

[email protected] 415.206.0846 ext. 218

Margaret Libby joined MyPath (formerly Mission SF Community Financial Center) as its founding Executive Director in 2007, transforming it into a vibrant nationally-recognized organization that creates, tests and scales models designed to promote economic mobility among low-income youth and young adults. Under her leadership, MyPath has launched innovative initiatives including MyPath Savings™ (a peer-based youth financial capability initiative delivered through youth workforce program partnerships), MyPath Credit (a financial coaching program that combines financial guidance with financial products to (re)build credit, manage debt and build savings), and MyPath Advocates, a model that supports low-income youth to advocate for improved access to quality financial products and services. MyPath’s program models have delivered significant outcomes for participants, and have attracted local, state and national recognition, including numerous national and local awards for their impact and innovation.

Prior to MyPath, Margaret led a statewide youth-led research and evaluation project while at Youth Leadership Institute and engaged in advocacy related to inequities in the subprime mortgage market while at California Reinvestment Coalition. She has co-written numerous publications around youth financial capability, youth leadership development and evaluation, and predatory lending. Margaret currently serves on the Financial Education Network of San Francisco and the Federation’s Youth Task Force. She holds a BA from Brown University and a MSW from U.C. Berkeley.

Executive Team

Andrea Giese – Chief Business Development Officer
[email protected] 415.206.0846 ext. 242

Claudia Stillwell – Chief Financial Officer
[email protected] 415.206.0846 ext. 222

Claudia Villicana – Chief Program Officer
[email protected] 415.206.0846 ext. 247


Monica Balanoff – Guaranteed Income Program Director
[email protected] 415.206.0846 ext. 244

Alvaro Bermudez – Development & Communications Manager
[email protected] 415.206.0846 ext. 243

Stephanie Bimar – Director of Data & Evaluation
[email protected] 415.206.0846 ext. 241

Catherine Dhongade – Strategic Growth Lead
[email protected] 415.206.0846 ext. 229

Alexandria Downing – Financial Mentor Program Manager
[email protected] 415.206.0846 ext. 234

Itzel Estrada – Partnership Manager
[email protected] 415.206.0846 ext. 245

Lori Jones – Finance Manager
[email protected] 415.206.0846 ext. 236

Stephanie Lopez – Youth Engagement & Program Associate
[email protected] 415.206.0846 ext. 216

Loraina Flores-Martinez – Municipal Partnership Manager
[email protected] 415.206.0846 ext. 217

Angely (Angie) Miranda – Director of Youth Leadership 
[email protected] 415.206.0846 ext. 238

Alexis Moore – Youth POWER Associate
[email protected] 415-261-3369

Leslie Prado – Senior Director of Programs
[email protected] 415.206.0846 ext. 246

General Telephone: 415.206.0846  

Mailing Address: 2430 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110