Success in Every Metric

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From jumpstarting savings to building credit to taking an active role in the community, MyPath (formerly Mission SF Community Financial Center) programs build the foundation for economic mobility. Our programs are continually measured and monitored by our external evaluation partners, including the Center for Social Development, Eastern Washington University and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. These evaluations have shown that MyPath programs helps youth move from using check cashers and spending most of their income to taking control of their finances and directing their income toward saving and credit-building. Such changes lead to youth achievement of personal goals such as completing college, owning a car, traveling, and even starting a small business.

Working closely with our partners, we’ve delivered powerful outcomes:

  • Through MyPath Credit, our participants with limited financial history have achieved credit scores between 650 and 700 after only six months.
  • Through MyPath Savings, a remarkable 85% of participants met their savings goals. To date, more than 1,000 youth have saved over $700,000.
  • Through MyPath Advocates, our youth helped pass two local ordinances against payday lending, blunting the impact of financially onerous practices.

For more program-specific outcomes, please visit MyPath SavingsMyPath Credit, and MyPath Advocates.