BIPOC Youth Face Systemic Barriers to Financial Inclusion

0 %

do not feel comfortable going to a bank to ask a question

0 %

report an average, below average or poor credit score

0 %

do not have a savings account

0 %

do not have emergency savings

FINRA Foundation’s National Financial Capability Study (2021)

Solutions from the Nation’s Leading Expert in Youth Financial Capability

MyPath designs, tests, and scales innovative youth financial capability interventions that engage young people as they earn their first income and begin their financial lives. By reaching youth at this key inflection point, our models provide a financial and economic boost while preventing costly financial challenges that prohibit wealth building.

Our Approach

We partner with youth-serving organizations – including nonprofits, cities, and financial institutions – to connect under-resourced, BIPOC youth with the financial knowledge, tools, and resources they need to begin banking, saving, and building credit so that they can successfully transition into adulthood and get on a path to upward economic mobility.

Field & Awareness Building

We illuminate the barriers to youth financial inclusion to activate allies and stakeholders and drive systemic change to expand youth economic rights.

Design & Innovation

With youth, we engage data, trends and lessons in design and innovation that will advance youth financial inclusion.

Delivery & Scale

We deliver and scale our tested approaches through partnerships and field-building to demonstrate what works and generate new insights and lessons.

Advocacy & Policy

We advance policy and advocacy efforts that articulate and advance youth economic rights.

35,800 youth reached since 2015

0 %

report an increase in financial knowledge and confidence

0 %

of participants are BIPOC

0 %

set aside emergency savings after Financial Mentoring

0 %

see an improved FICO credit score

0 %

average amount committed to savings from each paycheck