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Engaging, Empowering & Mobilizing Youth

At MyPath, we believe that centering youth voice is essential in developing effective and sustainable solutions and policies. While most of the social and economic justice movements that have positively impacted our country have been led by young people, youth are most often not at the table when decisions are being made about their lives and communities. MyPath’s leadership programs engage, empower and mobilize young people from under-resourced communities as advocates and leaders in the economic justice movement.

Scaffolded Youth Leadership Pathways

MyPath’s programs achieve this bold vision for youth leadership by providing scaffolded pathways, strengthening skills and competencies as youth take on increasing responsibilities and use their voices to influence high-level stakeholders.  Our ultimate goal is to increase the presence of youth and youth perspectives within local, state and federal dialogues and campaigns, and deepen stakeholders’ understanding of youth experiences and youth solutions.


Youth Advocates for a New ERA (New Economic Rights for All) trains Bay Area high school students to take on leadership roles in their communities and advocate for youth financial inclusion.  Over the course of 10 months, students engage in foundational financial capability programming (MyPath Savings and MyPath Credit) while developing the skills and confidence to become effective leaders and change-makers.  By working on a group economic justice project centered in the Youth Economic Bill of RYTS, students gain hands-on experience in grassroots advocacy while positively impacting their communities and peers.  

MyPath Leaders

New ERA program graduates can continue their youth advocacy and policy leadership development through this year-long program.  Leaders receive FinCap education, take a deeper dive into local, state and national youth FinCap issues and policies, and continue developing their leadership by designing and facilitating peer-to-peer FinCap workshops for New ERA participants and presenting at conferences.  Currently, MyPath Leaders is offered in the Bay Area. 


Youth POWER is a core group of BIPOC young adult leaders ages 18-24 who work to unlock the programs and investments needed to enact MyPath’s Youth Economic Bill of RYTS.  Youth POWER members are frequently sought out by field leaders and partners to share their insights, experience and expertise at local and national conferences and in advisory groups.

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For more information on joining our Youth Leadership Pathways, please contact: [email protected]

mypath youth economic bill of ryts (real youth troubles & solutions)

Between 2020 – 2021, Youth POWER developed the Youth Economic Bill of RYTS to share the structural barriers facing young people, and also to spotlight the resources, tools and knowledge that all youth need to begin building income and wealth. Youth POWER shared their RYTS draft with foster youth and youth advocates from across the country for input and vetting, and, today, the RYTS frame all of MyPath’s innovation, policy and youth leadership work.  Since developing the RYTS, Youth POWER has engaged with a number of policy makers and stakeholders, including FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg, to advocate for the resources, programs and policies outlined in the RYTS.

“I joined MyPath my senior year in High School because I was interested in learning about the United States' financial system and financial tools. Since joining MyPath, I have felt more comfortable working and negotiating with financial service providers. I have also been able to expand other youths' knowledge about financial services and even advocate for our needs at the federal level. I believe youth's voice is power and we need to be supported every step of the way because we are the future.”

– Maria E., Youth POWER Member